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After Earth (2013)

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After Earth is a film directed by M. Night Shyamalan The film was played by Jaden Smith, David Denman, Will Smith.

Synopsis After Earth

After Earth tells about human life on earth after humans left earth. After a devastating disaster on earth, survivors re-established their lives on the planet Nova Prime. This planet is truncated for many light-years from Earth. An organization called Ranger Corps that loves peace was formed, after a thousand years the earth was abandoned.

Under the leadership of General Cypher Raige, this organization brought a mission back to Earth. He also invited his son Kitai to the mission. They flew to the asteroid belt and fell on Earth, everyone was killed in the mission except Cypher and Kitai.

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Tagline:Danger is real, fear is a choice
Duration: 100 Min
Budget:$ 130.000.000,00
Revenue:$ 243.843.127,00

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